“Sometimes the best advice is no advice at all”

Cute picture of a new born baby crying, whose at the same time is covering her ears.
Photo by Tim Bish on Unsplash.

‘You are doing a great job with your baby, she is a very happy child’ someone told me.

‘Really? Thank you, I’m trying my best,’ I proudly replied, containing tears of joy and confusion due to the unexpected compliment which had totally made my day.

Think you have been criticised all your life? Trust me, when it comes to entering the world of parenting it gets brutal. True not everything is a criticism, many times people are just making so called ‘observations’ and sharing their experiences or useful tips, but in reality you are being judged big time! Even random strangers in the street may share their ‘observations’.

Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate people’s willingness to help and it usually comes from a good place, but being honest, I’ve had enough — I’m fed up. Why? After seven months of listening to literally everyone I’m tired, and I’m not even counting the nine months before the baby was born…. It does get repetitive, annoying, obnoxious, sometimes brutal and definitely exhausting. I’m not listening anymore, while someone is enjoying their ‘monologue’ I’m trying to develop a technique to recoup lost sleep with my eyes wide open, faking a smile to the lovely old lady who is certainly enjoying the chat.

Yes, you may say that I’m just being ungrateful, and perhaps I am but I’m also sharing my thoughts and giving you a different point of view. Let’s face it, parenting is a completely new world that for some reason, even if it means sleepless nights, we should all end up accepting thanks to our unconditional love for our children.

And of course, there is always a person who just likes to talk, talk and talk, and of course share their knowledge of parenting, while one is struggling to calm down a furious, crying, screaming seven month old baby, still this person expects all your attention, to that person, let me tell you this — stop it, or you are going to get a punch in the face, it could be from me, or any other new parent who receives your ‘wisdom’.

I guess what I’m trying to say is if you happen to know any new parents, instead of pointing out things they are doing wrong with so called ‘observations’, offer instead a short compliment, some kudos, trust me a single sentence will be enough to boost their confidence and reassure them that at least they are doing something right!



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